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VYBZ is proud to announce the following partnerships

in-app integrations

So you can avoid having to close and open a multitude of applications:

request your Uber ride directly through VYBZ

see local upcoming events, concerts, festivals, & DJs & purchase Eventbrite and Meetup tickets to these events directly through VYBZ

out in the midst of the night, it can be easy for groups of friends to get separated or lose a member! But worry not! With our LIVE friend-tracking feature in our Direct Messaging function, friends can opt in to find each other using the VYBZ map!

become an ambassador

our exclusive set of Beta Users will be setting the tone for the vybz in every market we open. Do you know what’s hot, what’s chill, and everything in between? Are you person everyone asks, “Where we going?” Then you’re exactly the type of person we need.

not only do you get to show everyone what makes you the local expert on where to do what – you can get extra rewards as an ambassador for sharing what you know!

Once we have selected our exclusive VYBZ beta users, we will send them the link to download the app and start vybing! Don’t miss out on the fun! Apply to become a beta user today!

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