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Own your next day or night out and start discovering the unique businesses, hidden gems, underground, non-mainstream places Boston has to offer!  It’s your pocket-sized concierge powered by a social media platform of crowd-sourced stories and vybe-ratings and you have the power to make informed decisions on where you go next.

Capture And View

The Current Vibes.

Kiss fake reviews goodbye and say hello to the most honest form of review: vybe-ratings and camera stories.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words… well a camera story of a destination in real-time means more than a thousand written reviews, especially outdated ones.  CatchVybz is powered exclusively by real-time stories!  No filters, no edits, no BS.  Just accuracy.

Find Your Ideal Spot &

Earn Points For Posting!

Different occasions call for distinct atmospheres, crowds, and offerings.  As a user, you have access to viewing the distinct characteristics of a Place before you even leave your home.  Vybe-Ratings are quick, detailed ratings which provide valuable insights about the establishment’s liveliness level, music genre, average crowd age, and more pertaining to the exact day and time frame visited.  Plus, your account automatically earns points towards rewards just for posting stories, submitting ratings, and more!  


Not Vibrators!

Jokes are fun – so is vybing out without the fake reviews and if you’re like most people, by now you’re sick and tired of inaccurate reviews misguiding you to destinations that simply don’t have the vibes you’re looking for… well fret no longer!  Unlike standard reviews, our vybe-ratings require location verification to avoid fake reviews entirely, giving entertainment seekers the power to make informed decisions on where they find their next spot.  Every time someone submits a vybe-rating or posts a story tagging a business, it adds to the historical trends of said establishment, further enhancing the business’s detailed profile. So finally, we can search for places to go by not only the distance and basic details, but also by the distinct atmosphere you’re looking for!

We look forward to having you as a trusted user!

Best of vibes to you!

– The CatchVybz Team

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