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It’s Quick

Seeing the vibes of a location before you decide to go there is crucial. CatchVYBZ, INC has created their first product; a mobile app called Vybz – it’s both visual, informative, detailed, and intelligent. It’s the only search platform using AI to engage people in the moment and match their mood to help them decide on where to go! As of 2019, a whopping 85% of people made decisions on where to go based on their friends’ referrals. CatchVybz is that referral forum. It’s when social media meets search & review and it’s changing the game.

It’s Visual

Any business owner that you ask understands the pain of fake reviews that portray their establishment in a poor and inaccurate light. At the same time, anyone who is trying to find a restaurant, nightclub, café or any other entertainment destination can tell you about the difficulty of finding the vibe they are looking for in real time. Just because a review says an establishment has a certain aesthetic, doesn’t mean that applies to the atmosphere, music, and crowd type at the moment you are planning to visit. The same restaurant is certainly different on a Tuesday compared to a Friday.

It’s Accurate

CatchVybz is changing the way that establishments attract patrons and the way that entertainment-seekers find their ideal spot. Businesses have a free platform to attract new customers. Consumers can search for places and view photos and videos of the atmosphere and offerings on that business’s profile as well as detailed vybe-ratings from other consumers about their experience there per the time they visited AND MORE. If you are going to the gym after work and want to know how many people are there — pull out the CatchVybz app to find out. Unlike other social media platforms, posting on CatchVybz earns BOTH consumers and businesses points that they can accumulate and redeem for rewards.

become an ambassador

Our exclusive set of Beta Users will be setting the tone for the vybz in every market we open. Do you know what’s hot, what’s chill, and everything in between? Are you person everyone asks, “Where we going?” Then you’re exactly the type of person we need. Not only do you get to show everyone what makes you the local expert on where to do what – you can get extra rewards as an ambassador for sharing what you know!

Once we have selected our exclusive CatchVYBZ beta users, we will send them the link to download the app and start vybing! Don’t miss out on the fun! Apply to become a beta user today!

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