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Whether you’re a local, a traveler or a business owner, Vybz is for you! Vybz is a free, local-entertainment search app powered by a social media platform of crowdsourced photos and videos. Think Instagram meets Yelp and with more value than TripAdvisor. Find the places you want to go with the atmosphere and offerings that match your current mood. Our proprietary AI technology geotags, time stamps and categorizes photo and video stories based on the location’s characteristics and vibes. Vybz stories are in real time and vybe-ratings cannot be tampered, providing an honest assessment of your next destination. No more wasted Uber rides, barhopping to find a decent crowd, or disappointing nights out – Vybz saves you time and money and helps you create better memories! And unlike other social media platforms, posting on Vybz earns you points you accumulate and redeem for various rewards!

Promote your Business on Vybz for Free!

By providing a platform where potential patrons can find destinations that meet their real time wants and needs, businesses can attract more of the customers you want at no cost. Since those customers KNOW that your business is EXACTLY what they are looking for at that time, they are far more likely to have a good experience, share those experiences on Vybz, refer friends, and leave positive online reviews.

So create a profile for your business on Vybz when we launch to start customizing your profile and sharing real-time visuals of your establishment, offerings, staff, day to day vibes, upcoming events, and more by using our platform to increase your brand awareness, customer engagement, and customer traffic! 

To stay apprised of details on our upcoming launch, apply to be a part of our exclusive Beta Community below and subscribe to our news letter for details on when to download the app, secret prize winners, upcoming Vybz sponsored events, and more!

Apply To Become An Ambassador!

Unlike other social media platforms, posting on Vybz earns both you and the business owners points just for posting and navigating through the app in various ways. Then, accumulate those points and redeem for rewards!

Once we have selected our exclusive VYBZ beta users, we will send them the link to download the app and start vybing! Don’t miss out on the fun! Apply to become a beta user today!

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