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Find the places you want to go with the atmosphere and offerings that match your current mood.  It’s great to have you here!  We welcome our early adopters (both businesses and consumers) who gain excitement from being part of our journey from the very beginning!  We hope you enjoy the app, a stepping stone to something much greater.  

For the People

These days, just because an online review says an establishment has a certain aesthetic, doesn’t mean that applies to the atmosphere, music genre, liveliness level, distinct vibes, and crowd age range on the day and time you plan on going.  CatchVybz solves these problems and more.  In the app, search for Businesses and click on the Business Profiles to view real-time and historic stories (not only posted by the business, but also crowd-sourced stories tagging said Business) providing you with atmospheric trends helping you plan your next visit.  We hope you enjoy our other features! 

For the Places

Since your potential patrons can find destinations that meet their real time desires, you, as a business owner or promoter are able to attract more of the patrons you want at no cost.  Before people even walk out their front door, they know your establishment has precisely the offerings they’re looking for and thus, they’re far more inclined to have a good experience and refer friends.  Plus. just for posting stories on CatchVybz your business account automatically earns and accumulates points which you may redeem for free in-app advertising of your business page.  The app does the rest for you.  Yep that’s right.  You don’t need to do anything different other than keep posting stories of your establishment and the app will automatically time stamp, categorize, and promote your business.

No catch. Just good vybz.

Boston Student Opportunity

When it comes to finding places to go that have the vibes you’re looking for, look no further than CatchVybz and our array of Boston-based Campus Reps who will be setting the tone for the 200,000 other students in the city, the locals, and the great spots in the city you haven’t yet discovered.  Looking to join CatchVybz as a Campus Rep?  Students currently enrolled at any College/University in Boston all have the opportunity to be a part of our app’s journey from the very beginning.

Do you enjoy exploring and finding new cool spots to hang?  A foodie?  Travel blogger?  Do you know of some of the cool, local cafes, restaurants, bars, clubs?  Are you that friend that everyone asks, “Where we going?”  Well, not only do you get to show everyone what makes you the person to know but just for posting stories on CatchVybz, your account will automatically earn points towards free in-app promotion of your personal page across locals giving your own personal brand more local awareness, excitement, and attracting new viewers!  To learn more about our Campus Rep opportunity, download the app and private message the founder @deeneufeld.

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